if you have a glut of chanterelle and are running out of ideas, try pickling them.
they will keep for months and can be used in a variety of ways – adding a touch of
colourful sophistication to loads of dishes.
here are 2 easy methods, the first gives a slightly more soused/tangy result
the second is more akin to a classic mushroom antipasti style.



pickling & preserving – method 1

250g chanterelle – nice firm smallish ones

500g good vinegar – posh white wine or cider

3 fresh young bay leaves

6 black peppercorns

6 pink peppercorns sprig lemon thyme

half lemon – quartered

150g demerara sugar

1/2 tsp salt

bring all ingredients – except mushies – to a gentle simmer for 2-3 minutes
add the mushrooms, take off heat, pack into sterile jars, seal and keep in the fridge until needed.

nice with cheese orientated things ie toasted walnut & honey bread with truffled pecorino and elderberries

or for a classy crudite, get a vacherin mont d’Or, smear a generous wedge inside a chicory leaf and top with the mushrooms


pickling preserving – method 2

more ‘italian ish’ method for 1kg of mushrooms – great with chanterelle but equally good with a mixture of other wild mushrooms. just make sure they are all trimmed to roughly the same size (about thumb size – depending how big your thumbs are…?)

first, make a brine

600g good white wine or cider vinegar
300g water
1 tbsp salt
1 sprig thyme
3 bay leaves
4 cloves
1/2 tsp fennel seeds – toasted
1/2 tsp black pepper – toasted

bring to boil for 1 min

add mushrooms, then bring back to a simmer for 7 mins.
use a slotted spoon to transfer the mushrooms to a clean tea towel lined tray.

put 500g of olive oil – nothing too posh/strongly flavoured – into a bowl
use a spoon to dunk the individual mushrooms into oil and transfer to sterile kilner-type jars
once jar is full, pop in a dried chilli, top up with oil, seal and leave for at least a month.

once opened, use up fairly rapidly (ie a week) great for antipasti, chucking in pasta, stews and so on

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